Chia Banana Pudding

Chia Banana Pudding

Chia Banana Pudding
From Stupid Easy Paleo

Part of being a dietitian is fielding questions when I’m “off duty.”  Such a big part, in fact, that I had a professor in grad school that spent one whole lecture going over the questions were were likely to receive at parties.  “What are your thoughts on soy/almond/coconut milk?”  “If I hate vegetables can I just drink smoothies with a little kale?”  “What protein shake do you recommend?” and the always popular “Is gluten ruining my life?” are some of my current favorites.  And then there’s a whole entire category devoted to super foods.  People just adore the idea that we can eat donuts, burgers and late night pizza and then reverse the whole fiasco with a green drink stuffed with kale, pomegranate, acai and quinoa.  Lately chia has been added to that category, with people convinced that they can skip eating for days on end once these little seeds blow up in their stomach and miraculously make them forget food exists.  Yeah…I hate to burst your chia-goop bubble, but that’s not going to work.  On the plus side, chia seeds are delicious.  And while their gooey properties are not likely to single-handedly reverse the obesity crisis, they are awesome for congealing this no-cook banana pudding.  Even John, who has a tendency to categorically reject supposed super foods, thought this was pretty delicious.  So grab that 10 pound bag of chia seeds that Dr. Oz convinced you to buy and get your pudding on!


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk (or dairy milk, or other preferred milky liquid)
  • 2 Tbsp chia seeds
  • dash of pure vanilla extract


  1. Place banana and coconut milk in a food processor or blender.  Process until smooth.
  2. Add chia seeds and vanilla extract and pulse a few times to mix evenly.
  3. Pour into a container (such as a small jar) and allow to chill for at least 1 hour, or overnight.

Serves 1.

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  1. Gayle Anthony says:

    Love this! Please post more healthy delicious sweet recipes!

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