Inside the Honeymoon Kitchen

My name is Tera and I’m the type of person who frequently wakes up and decides to adopt a new hobby.  99% of the time it’s an uber flop, and I only stick with it long enough to buy at least $100 worth of sweet new hobby gear (here’s looking at you golf clubs).  There has been one exception to this rule: cooking.  One fateful day in my last semester of college I decided I wanted to order magazine subscriptions for my soon-to-be post-graduation apartment in Chicago.  My cursor landed on Cooking Light, and before I knew it I was at Target purchasing the gear I deemed requisite (rice cooker, slow cooker – no idea how I selected these).  A [lifelong!] hobby was born.

I am also the type of person who attempts to force such hobbies on unsuspecting significant others.  And let me tell you, if 99% of my dream hobbies fail to stick with me, 99.99999999% are immediately rejected by my discerning husband.  Hence, the moment I saw a glimmer in the man’s eye as he fried up his very first egg (You know how to cook eggs at home???  Um, yeah. = Instant love.), I knew we were on to something.

Over the years our foodie fixation has spiraled out of control blossomed into our number one joint hobby.  Hardly a day goes by without us emailing recipes back and forth, and if going to the grocery store counts as a date, we have a seriously enviable dating life.  We also love eating out, and have chronicled those escapades in detail via Yelp.  However, we’ve had a series of life changing events lately that are causing us to dial up the cooking and dial down the shelling out for gourmet resto fare:

  1. We got married – weddings, as it turns out, are really expensive!  Who knew.
  2. We bought a house!  Also, pretty darn expensive…but worth it for an amazing new kitchen!
  3. We received piles and piles of extremely generous wedding gifts, the vast majority of which have found a home in our fabulous new kitchen!  Who wouldn’t be inspired to cook more when they can do it in a BEAUTIFUL new set of All Clad pans and serve it to people with plates and silverware that actually match!

And that, my friends, is how the Honeymoon Kitchen was born.

5 Responses to Inside the Honeymoon Kitchen

  1. Dan says:

    You guys are amazing! So much flair coming from the man in the house makes me want to jump and twirl, throw down my stack of cookbooks and dance on the graves of my elders.

    Love you guys!!!

    Dan, #1 romantic

  2. sandi szulkowski says:

    Hi Tera I’m friends with your inlaws and I met you unfortunately at grandpoppy’s wake. my sincere condolences to your family

    Your father-in-law had made us pork with chutney for dinner one night and I was wondering if you have that chutney recipe, please forward and post if you do. thank you and again sorry to have to meet under such circumstances

    sincerely, sandi

    • Honeymoon Kitchen says:

      It was great to meet you as well! I’ve had the chance to enjoy Mike’s delicious chutney, but never thought to ask him for the recipe. I’ll have to get it, make it, and post it for you!

  3. Angela says:

    Hi 😉 Can I get your email address? I have some questions to ask…
    Thanks !

  4. Highly descriptive post, I loved that bit. Could there be a part 2?

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