Mix and Match Breakfast Sandwich

Mix and Match Breakfast Sandwich
From the Honeymoon Kitchen

First and foremost, I have to give a shout out to my FABULOUS new sister in law, Mary, for changing the entire course of Honeymoon Kitchen’s future.  Ok, well maybe it’s not that drastic, but it’s pretty awesome.  She gave lent us her amazing Nikon digital SLR camera for use in the Honeymoon Kitchen!!  AND she’s been showing us some nifty Tumblr tricks, so hopefully we’ll have some cool new features pretty soon.  She’s also our one-woman PR team, and thanks to her we’ve got a following of like 5 people.  Sure, they’re all related to us, but still!

Now, back to the lovely mix and match breakfast sandwiches at hand.  We are those people who get up 6/7 mornings a week and make a real breakfast.  What can I say, I wake up hungry!  Sometimes we get creative, but most days we fall back on some sort of breakfast sandwich.  The beauty of this thing is its ability to clean out your fridge.  Today’s version was pretty classic, with ham, egg, and cheese, but there are SO many alternatives out there.  Basically, if you’ve got it in your fridge, heat it, salt it, stack it, and you’re golden!


  • BREAD: Today we used sandwich rolls that doubled as sausage buns the night before.  Other great options include English muffins, baguettes, ciabatta, bagels, or just regular sandwich bread.
  • EGGS: Our favorite is to fry them up over-easy.  However, in our morning haze we often break the yolk or just forget to pay attention and they end up over-medium or just scrambled.  It’s all good.
  • MEAT: You don’t need meat, since eggs are pretty filling, but if you’ve got some on hand, go for it.  This morning we used deli ham, but bacon, other deli meats, and even crazier things like summer sausage have all made appearances.
  • CHEESE: This one has provolone, but of course any cheese will do.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with something like a goat cheese.
  • VEGGIES: Today’s version skipped this section of the ole’ food pyramid.  However, we do often include any left over roasted veggies from the night before, such as asparagus, zucchini, peppers, and onions.
  • SAUCES & CONDIMENTS: Our number one condiment is giardiniera.  We LOVE it.  A lot.  Other than that, John is a devoted honey mustard guy, and I like to add a light layer of fruit jam if the mood strikes me.


  1. Toast your bread product so that it can handle any condiments or soft cheeses you’ll be spreading on it without tearing or becoming soggy.
  2. Add condiments to bread.
  3. Cook or heat your meat in a skillet.  Even deli meats – the get a little crispy on the edges and release some of their oils – it should only take a minute.  Remove meat and place on bottom half of bread.
  4. Add a little cooking spray or oil to the skillet.  If your meat was something like bacon and gave off a lot of grease, you can skip this step.
  5. If your veggies need to be cooked or reheated, you can do this in the skillet now.  Remove veggies and place on top of meat.
  6. Add more cooking spray or oil to pan if needed, and cook your eggs however you like.
  7. Place cheese on sandwich, followed by egg and top half of bread.  Squish everything together, helping the hot eggs to melt the cheese and allowing beautiful runny egg yolk to run out if you went with over-easy.
  8. Eat immediately and enjoy being full all morning at work/school!
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